Septic Maintenance Programs

Maintenance & Monitoring Programs

Your septic system is more than likely the most expensive appliance for your home. Regular maintenance is essential in the proper operation of your septic system as well as maximizing the life of the components installed and saving you from costly repairs that preventative maintenance could have avoided or at least mitigated. We offer Maintenance & Monitoring Programs customized to your septic system type and priced accordingly to give you peace of mind and to help save you money from unexpected costly repairs.

Is a maintenance program right for you?

Over the past three decades, we have seen a tremendous change in Septic System Technology. Although the process of putting water back into the ground has not changed, the components, processes, and need for maintenance have changed. Almost every system out there has some regular maintenance that is needed to make sure it operates efficiently and effectively. We've created customized maintenance plans to fit nearly all Septic Systems available in our area individually. We take care of routine maintenance items to prevent such things like backing up, flooding, surfacing sewage and premature failure of components. We provide a written report on the conditions of the septic system after inspecting all access ports and measuring the scum and sludge levels of all tanks in your system. Giving you peace of mind that your Septic System is taken care of with the highest regard as if it were our own.

How it works.

To become setup on a maintenance program, we perform a site evaluation to make sure everything needed to monitor is reasonably accessible and determine the best monitoring program for your needs and system type. Items that are not accessible may need to be modified to make them accessible for regular maintenance to get the benefit of monitoring. We set up a recurring monthly billing to your credit card, and you hear from us ever 6 or 12 months, depending upon the monitoring program chosen, with a report of the condition of your system and future maintenance needs of your system if any.

Contact us today for more information or if you would like to get set up for a site evaluation to get started with your maintenance program.

Benefits of a maintenance program:

  • Low Monthly Cost(1)
  • Effluent Filter Cleaning on each Visit (if equipped)
  • Spin / Disc Filter Cleaning on each Visit (if equipped)
  • Emailed Reporting
  • Priority Service in the event of an emergency issue
  • Preferred customer Pricing for additional services(2)
  • Maintenance reminders for upcoming service needs
  • Snohomish County Operational Report provided for Sale of Home Inspections(3)
  • King County Operational Report Cost is discounted(4)
  • (1) Prices start at $29.00 per month plus applicable taxes and vary depending upon system type.
  • (2) Some restrictions apply.
  • (3) Must be an active Maintenance & Monitoring Program for at least 13 consecutive months
  • (4) Must be an active Maintenance & Monitoring Program for at least 13 consecutive months and does not include county filing fee.